Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ideas & Kissing: How to Ensure Success

I think I have the key to delivering a successful first kiss.

Not an expert here, and note, my first kiss took place in the living room curtains - romantic?

And one kiss behind Spring Creek Elementary with a bunch of people circled up to watch - was, eh, yeah.

So I have botched a ton of kisses and I have botched a lot of firsts at work.

And when I reflect upon the botching versus the well executed there is a clear theme.

Keep It Simple Stupid - K.I.S.S. 

We fail when we do too much.  We put too much into "it".  Too many services, widgets...just too much complexity.  Stay away from going early to neck, ears, tongue or grabbing.  You get it.

Just don't over due it.

Stay simple and you can add more / do more next time.

You try to get too complex out of the gate and you might not get a next time.

If you didn't like my first acronym, let's try a super popular one - Minimal Viable Product (M.V.P.).

QStart Labs, Poke NY and Startup Giraffe all get putting out a M.V.P. and each in their own style and with their own models to help you do it.

Check out this video by Amit Klien at NYU where M.V.P. gets coverage starting at the 4:40ish mark.

My advice is whether you have an idea as an entrepreneur, our launching a new product for a huge firm or other - you will be better served with an M.V.P.

Make your first a simple tender kiss and then the real opportunity begins.

But some like Seth Godin are raising warning signals about the M.V.P. craze.

What do you think?

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