Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Marketing: 2 Examples, 1 Winner.

I think birthday wishes are awesome and birthday marketing is underused.

Birthday wishes...we all appreciate them - come on?  It feels good.

My FB wall today made me feel incredibly positive and lucky.

But the opportunity to market is just that an opportunity.

Others agree.

Email or social actions saying HBD - make us smile.  Points on the board for recognition.  Use the data people give you to make their life better.  Nice.

But opportunities are can be seized or missed.

Here are two examples - one missed and one seized - from my day today.

ESPN - brand I admire a ton - missed.  The positive was some fun content.  Bill Walton and Mark Sanchez both have birthdays in November.  Kind of fun.  The negative was the offer.  Look I am not stingy or looking for handouts.  So an offer to have an ESPN ring tone?  I LOVE ESPN.  I enjoy ESPN every day across every device.  Every day.

But "Duh-nuh-NUH...duh-nuh-NUH!" on my phone.    And there was a link to see more but led to the dreaded "404" - bummer.  This was the wan-wan-WAN moment for ESPN.  Kind of the $100 play and the 2 cent throw...happy birthday, be our advertising.  No thanks but appreciate you acknowledging my day of birth.

NFL - see a trend? - seized. So same shtick as above - happy birthday Andy - yay, cred for you NFL. But the offer...was legit.  15% off a purchase with a picture of a customized Dallas Cowboys jersey.  BOOM goes the dynamite.  I love me some Cowboys and the line - "Now, go pick up that personalized jersey you wished for!"  - just smart.  I don't have one but even if I did.  Big time personalization.  Love it.

What?  NFL has my purchase data and ESPN doesn't?  Should be a tie?

Not really - I maintain an ESPN account and live on the ESPN Dallas site raved about it back in 2009.

Moral here - keep it personal when you use personal data.

Have you ever received birthday marketing that missed or seized the opportunity?


Andy Von Kennel said...

@CraigDaitch left a HBD video message on my FB page - relevant differentiation. Huge smile from me and just cool. Craig - you continue to inspire.

L.Estrina said...

Sephora does the best birthday marketing. They send an email to their Beauty VIBs that there's a gift waiting for them at the store. Two years ago I received a customized pack of lovely lip glosses and last year I received a "birthday girl" shower gel. I've made it a tradition to make sure to stop by Sephora on my birthday to pick up my birthday gift. It makes me feel so special :-)