Friday, October 28, 2011

Where do you fit in an ad agency?

I think this image tells many truths about agency life.

Found the post on AgencySpy - funny and very true infographic of the MadMan world.

And for people considering the ad world, let me provide a quick joke/case for some context to answering the question of what is my agency DNA?  Where will I fit?

Five agency friends were standing outside of a PACKED bar with a line out the door.  They were dying for some tequila to down the weeks sorrows.  Problem was how would they get their Tequila?!

So the Creative, Project Manger, Finance Director, Planner and Account Exec were forced to jump into the action agreeing to regroup in 7 minutes.

At the regroup:

The Creative shared some emotional high level sketches of the fun to be had with the tequila including celebrities in remote locations.  But he really needed more time to flush this out.

The Project Manger had created a solid project plan including gantt chart showing the tequila could be had but would require 45 more minutes and another 25% of a creative give or take 10% on both time and resources.

The Finance Director provided a new job code and made sure the team understood the previous 7 minutes WERE billable.

The Planner was able to tell us the absolute BEST tequila for us to drink including multiple attributes from after taste to brand equity by doing some down and dirty research / anthro-work / man-on-the-street interviews with the people waiting to get into the bar.

The Account Exec walked over, lifted up the side of her skirt and pulled out a bottle of tequila explaining quickly how she made out with the door man, shoved three people, danced with an overweight has-been and tipped the bar keep to get the bottle.  And then hid it under her skirt as she crawled over the fence on the back patio of the bar.

All are valuable.

All are different.

Which sounds more like you?

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