Monday, August 11, 2008

No Expiration Date in Sight.

I think the days of moving on have moved on.

Jordan and Brandi are my living examples.

Never thought I would ever hear or think of either of them again.

And BOOM...they are right back in my life thanks to the social web sharing memories of many days gone by.

So the power of the internet is not has been a few years since everyone read The World is Flat.

But the power of accountability manifesting online will impact marketers' brands, eh, and individuals.

Think election 2020 - fun stuff.

Flickr, MySpace, Qik, Facebook, Bebo, GMail and the proliferation of cameras being available at all moments...everything is being captured and distributed.

It may be fun to post short videos to Qik.

Or to run a UGC contest. (As noted AdRANTS - viral map is interesting.)

But this content is then there for "all" to see.



Noted by bloggers.


Well it didn't ruin Apple...but it will never be forgotten.


Not only must we consider the damage our marketing mistakes will incur today but we must be prepared to live with them forever.

Good news...brilliant marketing investments can live on forever and spread faster.

That one's for Roger...just imagine if your work had been spread virally with mocumentaries and all.

Planning for proliferation has been in the mix for a while...I just am really getting my arms around the potentially endless shelf life for our personal and professional wins and losses.

My thoughts - continue to plan for proliferation and be aware that your marketing investments may not ever expire, for better or for worse.

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